Gambling and Assumptions

Human beings love to assume a lot of things. Since the day an individual was born and started to develop one’s reasoning, we started making assumptions as well. When we were still a child, we keep on assuming that our parents are mad at us whenever we did something wrong.

When we reached school age, we always tend to make a couple of assumptions such as assuming that the kids in school will not like us at all. We also assume that we can never pass mathematics since it is very complicated.

Teenagers are also full of assumption such as before courting a girl, boys assumes that the girl that they have been eyeing for does not like them or maybe they will just be turned down and make a fool out of themselves.

Assuming some things is normal and this is what makes us human beings. Our lives tend to get affected with these assumptions but we should not depend out loves on pure assumption alone. This is also the same thing with gambling as well. Gamblers have a lot of assumptions about almost everything. There are some assumptions that are very common among players of casinos.

Some players in casino assume that the hole card of the dealer in blackjack is a 10-value. It is appropriate to think that the dealer could have a 10-value hole card but there is also a big probability that a player has a different value on his hole card other than 10? Another good advice is that in the game of blackjack, we are not just playing by guessing what is the value of the hole card rather, we play with the value of the card that is faced-up.

Another common assumption is that some players think that they will in the jackpot in the slot machine since they have been using it for a while. This is not necessarily true because if a specific slot machine is randomly programmed then the chance of using it or not using for quite some time is still the same.

Another common assumption is a casino is that every player who wins in a casino is out of pure luck alone. If a player in casino is gifted with too many luck but do not know how to play the game, the said luck is still useless and one would still lose in the game some strategies and awareness in the games mechanics are important in order a player to win.

These are just some of the common assumptions that a player makes in a game. Let this article serve as a lesson that life is full of risks and we should always have the courage to make a decision not just on pure assumption.

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