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Learning the probabilities in poker is the hard part of the game. When you start your career as an online poker player you probably don’t have any previous experience in Texas Holdem. You play hands that are real long shots and sometimes you hit and others you don’t. It is likely that for every great hand you get there are ten hands that didn’t hit. Over time this is going to cost you a lot of money.

Do you think that the pro’s play it like that? That they play cards that have less than five per cent chance to become a great hand? You probably know the answer. Of course they don’t,. Playing a hand like that means that one hand of twenty will become the killer hand. The other nineteen times they lose. That means losing money and losing money big.

Texas Holdem is a mix of math and luck. You may think that you need lot and lots of luck but that is not the case. If your playing style requires a lot of luck you play the game the wrong way. Texas Holdem requires that you master the odds of the game. And you should use all odds to make a final decision whether it is folding or raising. There are different odd of interest.

Basic odds are pot odds and win odds. How likely are you to win this hand? Is it a longshot? Do you need one ace to make that exceptional hand that will demolish the opponents? Or are there several different cards that will give you the killer hand? Of course the latter is the better hand and the hand that you should keep pushing.

Pot odds is the ratio between how much money there is in the pot and how much you need to put in it to win. Lets say that there is $10 in the pot and you need to call or raise a bet for $6 and at the same time your hand is a longshot with low odds on drawing out. What should you do? You have to risk $6 to win a low sum and you have poor win odds. Fold of course.

The next thing is to take your position into this calculation. Sitting in a late position or on the button gives you a lot of information that you wouldn’t have if you sat under the gun (first to act).

As you see there are a lot of aspects of Texas Holdem and lots of information to take into this calculation.

A great poker calculator will help you with all of the above. It gathers all the necessary information and delivers it on a silver plate in mere milliseconds.

There are quite a few different poker calculators and the main difference is that some are useful to beginners and some are useful for experts.

Now, it is easy to think that the poker calculators for the advanced player should be used by the rookie. Do not do this mistake, you have to use a poker calculator that suits your experience and believe me when I say that the right poker calculator will help you become a better poker player. You could and should upgrade to a more advanced calculator once you feel that you comprehend the odds of the sweet game called Texas Holdem.

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